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Bearing installation and removal methods

Haining Wanlong Bearing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 24, 2015

Self-lubricating bearings are properly installed, affect precision, long life and performance. Therefore, the design for bearing installation and Assembly departments to fully study. Want to be carried out in accordance with the standard installation. Standard projects usually are as follows 

(1), cleaning bearings and related parts of the bearing bearing installation is correct, affected precision, long life and performance. Therefore, design and Assembly departments for bearing installation 

(2), check the size and finishing of correlative parts

(3), installation 

(4) check the installed bearing 

(5), supply of spare parts; Hope in the forthcoming installation, just open the bearing casing. Grease lubrication, no cleaning, fill the grease directly. Oil lubrication, ordinary or cleaning, however, instruments or high speed bearing used, wash with clean oil, removing rust from coated bearings. 

Remove rust-proof bearings, rust, so it cannot be placed aside. Besides, sealed in grease bearings, no cleaning directly. Bearing installation methods vary depending on the bearing structure, coordination and conditions, generally due to rotate, so need to fit the inner ring. Bearings with a cylindrical bore, press onto, or multiple-use built-up method. Tapered bore, mounted directly on tapered shaft or sleeve installation. 

When mounted to the enclosure, clearance, there is interference in the outer ring, often using presses into, or have installed after the cooling method for shrink fit. With dry ice as a cooling agent, installation of shrink fit occasion, moisture in the air will condense on the bearing surface. So, you need appropriate antirust measures.

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