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Bearing some of the concepts

Haining Wanlong Bearing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 24, 2015

Bearing some of the concepts 

1. the bearing axis bearing axis Theoretical rotation axis of rolling bearings, radial bearings inner ring axis, for thrust bearings the shaft axis. 2. inner ring (shaft) axis inner ring (shaft washer) axis Inner ring (shaft) of cylindrical or conical holes in the cylinder or within the axis of the cone. 3. outer ring (ring) axis outer ring (housing washer) axis If the external surface of the outer ring is cylindrical, the circumcircle of the outer surface of cylinder axis is the outer ring axis, if the surface is a sphere-shaped, through ring outer surface catching the Centre, perpendicular to the base end-of-line in the outer ring, the axis of the outer ring. 4. tapered inner ring (outer ring) axis cone (Cup) axis Tapered roller bearings with inner ring (outer ring) axis. 5. radial plane radial plane Plane perpendicular to the axis, with the ferrule datum plane parallel to the plane of end or the back of the washer, can be considered the radial plane. 6. radial radial direction In the radial plane through the axis direction.

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